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Car games for Road Trippers

Keep the kids happy on the road Photo by Jim Strasma on unsplash

There are plenty of car games to keep road trippers entertained. The old standbys like I Spy and the License Plate Game are always good for a few laughs. For a more challenging game, try playing 20 Questions or the Alphabet Game. If you're looking for something a little more active, try playing Car Bingo or Simon Says. And if you're really looking to get the competitive juices flowing, break out a deck of cards and play a game of Go Fish or War. No matter what games you play, just remember to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel!

While long hours on the road are fun, they can pose a challenge to your littlest passengers. Keep everyone entertained on your road trip with these fun road trip games.

The Song guessing game

Play your favourite playlist or listen to your favourite radio station. A point is awarded to the first person to name the song. For keeping track, give the kids a piece of paper and some coloured markers - one colour for each player. You win if you have the most points when you reach your next stop!

Silly Road trip rules

Imagine silly rules for common road trip events, such as everyone clapping when you cross a bridge. If you see a bird, you must laugh like a kookaburra. Think of as many as you can. A point is awarded to the person who follows each rule the last, and the person with the fewest points wins.

Animal bingo

Make bingo boards with Australian animals you are likely to see along your drive, such as kangaroos, kookaburras, and cockatoos. Every time your children see an animal, have them mark the box. The first row, column, or diagonal completed wins!

The longest quiet game

This is not a game, but it will give the grown-ups a break from constant conversation. Test your patience by seeing how long you can stay silent. First to speak loses.

Truth or dare

You can play this classic game in the car with your friends and get to know them better. Try to keep the dares to things you can accomplish quickly at your next petrol station or snack stop or that you may be able to accomplish safely in the car.

Kiss, marry, ignore

Each player names three people, living, dead, or fictional. Other players must then decide which of the three they would like to kiss, marry, and ignore. Despite its simplicity, it's surprisingly entertaining and fun!

Bring it on a road trip

The first player says, "I'm going on a road trip and I'm bringing..." then names something you might bring along. Next, the player must begin the list over again, including all items that have already been listed. If someone forgets an item first, they lose.

Movie/Actor game

It is first time player's turn to pick a movie. After that, the next player must name an actor who starred in the movie. A second player names another movie this actor starred in, and the third player names another actor from the same movie. Play until someone is stumped or repeats the same actor or movie.

I Spy

It's a road trip classic that everyone will enjoy. When one player offers a vague clue, such as "I spy something green," the other players must answer yes-or-no questions to identify the item. If your child is beginning to learn words and spelling, make the game word-based, like 'I spy something that begins with G." 

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