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New A3 Series in the works

The New A3 Series

As the current set of scratch maps continue to sell well, I've had many requests for alternatives. "Do you have a Queensland only one?" "I'd love a WA version!" "This is too big to keep in the caravan, do you have a smaller one?". Well I listened and got to work on a series of smaller scratch maps that I think are the perfect size for taking with you on your next road trip. I've designed 8 new A3 (420 x 297mm) sized scratch maps. And they'll be ready for sale soon. 

They each feature a fresh new look with a base art consisting of satellite imagery, so you can really get a sense of the terrain. You can see those mountain ranges, the valleys, the rivers, lakes and dams. And because I've created state only maps I was able to increase the number of townships I could fit on the maps. So there is more detail, more towns and roads and they are more mobile.

Australia Scratch Map 

Tasmania Scratch Map 

Western Australia Scratch Map 

Northern Territory Scratch Map 

New South Wales Scratch Map 

Queensland Scratch Map 

South Australia Scratch Map 

Victoria Scratch Map 

Each map has a couple of bonus features.

Augmented Reality 

Owners of these maps will find a secret QR-Code on the map and if they scan it they'll link to a webpage that explains what they need to do next, if they choose to activate this feature. By downloading a free app on their smartphones, they can view the scratch maps through their camera to see it come to life.

The Lizards

I've scattered 5 lizards across each map. Some are in well travelled areas, but most are in the hard to reach places or the most exotic destinations. Only the wide-spread explorers will uncover all 5 lizards.

Rigid envelopes

Each map will be delivered in a thick rigid envelop and with a few creative cuts, it can transform into your maps frame and carry sleeve. So you'll be able to repurpose it and keep your map safe during your travels.

Keep in touch on our facebook and instagram accounts as we'll be posting more news and sales dates soon. 



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Sunday, 14 August 2022

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