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Life is a Journey in many directions and roads travelled

Lightning Ridge

Some say life is like a rollercoaster, which is true, but I like to refer to it as a journey, in different directions, down different roads. In October 2015, after 16 years at the helm as Manager of the Lakes Entrance Fishermans Co-op, my wife & I decided it was time to explore our dream to work together, and live in Queensland, to run a Resort...

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The Big Trip

Our first big trip with our daughter was out to Dubbo starting from Newcastle. Now I know this doesn't seem like a big trip to many but for us this was the furthest we had gone before, we have annual trips about an hour north but apart from that our travel experience was limited, and with a 1yr old at the time it was quite an adventure. But an adve...

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I am deep asleep, warm and cosy in my sleeping bag, a chirpy "Good Morning Mummy" brings me back to reality. I open my eyes and the first thing I see is the milky waters of Lake Panamaroo not 10 feet from my toes, glowing pale pink in the early dawn, small wavelets slapping against the shore in a soothing rhythm, birds whistle sweet tunes, I could ...

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There is a whole lot to do and see around the Merimbula area and further down the Sapphire Coast! After travelling to this beautiful town for many years (10 if we are counting), we still found new things to do, see and explore on our trip for the week. Originally, we were meant to be heading up the coast and hitting Byron Bay, but unfortunately, li...

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