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This is always an important one that's for sure!

Signing a contract for 6, 8 or 12 weeks with only one suitcase can cause a bit of anxiety (for the majority of us haha), but here is a handy list:

  1. Portable charger - this is so handy to have in your bag. During travel time, working double shifts and needing charge, this is so handy
  2. Outdoor essentials - never miss an opportunity to go on a hike or walk around the local lake of your new temporary home. Its a great way to get some fresh air and exercise into your day
  3. Pair of each shoe -Flip flop (aka thongs), work shoes, sneakers and if you can fit it - 1x pair of "nice" going out shoes - you never know the awesome opportunities
  4. Selfie stick and/or tripod -Sometimes you're travelling alone and you are going to see some amazing sites. You don't want to miss any photo opportunities
  5. Bedding - if you're like me and do ALOT of contracts this is something I love. If you are driving to your contract then GREAT, you can add your bedding into your car. If flying and only packing essentials then purchase new colourful pillow cases and bed covers. Trust me, it makes you feel like you have your own home space
  6. Spices - I am quite the foodie. I bought all my spices in a small plastic form and I tape them down after each use and place in a resealable bag. My top spices are turmeric, paprika, cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, cumin and garam masala. Depending how long my contract is, I always buy a rock salt and pepper. If flying though, just stick to those spices
  7. Ipad/tablet/kobo - this is so handy to have books on. I have finally gotten into reading during my contracts and am stoked about it. I prefer audiobooks (which is great for road trips) but getting all your books in one spot is perfect
  8. Phone with extra internet data (your can usually "top up" monthly while away) - this is essential. It's rare to get wifi included in your accommodation, so make sure you have plenty of data. Or get yourself a dongle because your gonna need it.
  9. Coat hangers - the amount of times I have moved into a new room and there are NO coat hangers haha. I pack 5-10 in my suitcase
  10. Aeropress coffee press - for all your coffee lovers, this is an essential
  11. Mini bluetooth speaker - gotta bust out the tunes in your room
  12. Photos of family and friends - this is great to put in your room to make it feel more homey
  13. Essential oils and a diffuser - LOVE LOVE LOVE (especially lavender for sleeping). Also because your accomodation can sometimes be a bit musty 😷
  14. A small (or large if you have room) esky - ideal for a little weekend away trip! Some esky's keep ice cold for 10 days!

Happy travelling!! 


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Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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